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M Oil Mineral Oil


"Quality is Life"

M Oil opened its mineral oil and antifreeze production facility with sufficient equipment and technology in 2000 in Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone Çiğli / İzmir.

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100% domestic production.

Since its establishment in 2000, it has been continuing its production with its experienced, young, dynamic staff and international Quality System Certificates, and successfully responds to all kinds of product demands from domestic and abroad.


At the point reached today in the M Oil Lubricant Factory, which consists of Factory Management, Quality, Quality Control Laboratory, R&D Laboratory, Used Oil Analysis Laboratory, Supply Planning, Production, Production and Shipment Planning, Accounting Departments;

100% Domestic

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Founded in


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Appropriate and Documented

M Oil Lubricant Production Facilities has adopted the principle of quality product and quality service, which it has adopted as a principle since its establishment in 2000 and continued without compromising, working only with reputable suppliers such as Tüpraş and Petkim in raw material purchases, compliance with standards, quality system certification, subcontracting laboratory services Successfully completing the processes of new product certification and updating the scope in the updated TSE Standards, document updating, due to the fact that it works with the Turkish Standards Institute / TSE, which has national and international validity and prestige, and many product groups have TSE Compliance Certificates before the relevant communiqué of EMRA, It has completed its obligation to EMRA by obtaining TSE Product Conformity Certificates in all product groups it produces, and successfully continued TSE Product Conformity Certification processes for new products to be added to M Oil product groups and/or revisions in TSE standards. will breed.


As Milan Petrol, we continue to provide added value to Turkey with our production performance in a wide range of fields, from the production of oils for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tractors and motorcycle engines, which are the subject of needs in our country, to marine oils, industrial oils and greases.

Unlike other engine oils, the components in our products not only provide a reduction in fuel consumption of your vehicle, but also have a facilitating and reducing wear effect on your engine's working process.

Mineral oils are produced by adding and mixing specially selected additives in order to exhibit the desired performance according to the usage areas of the base oils contained in it.

100% domestic production.

Today, the raw materials of all types and brands of mineral oils sold in Turkey are essentially the same, and they differ from each other in terms of the type and amount of additives used.

As Milan Petrol, we use additives (base oils and synthetics) for all of the mineral oils that we produce under our brand, in accordance with the standards and the requirements of the performance criteria.

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