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Çok amaçlı yağlama spreyidir. Bileşiminde hızlı penetre olan ve yüzeyde tutunan özel yağ ve katkıları mevcuttur.

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Pas Sökücü, Nüfuz Edici, Gevşetici Sprey;

Su ve rutubetten kaynaklanan, pas yüzünden sıkışan metal yüzeylerin hepsinde kullanılır.


Silikon bazlı yağlayıcı sprey. Araç kapı fitilleri, kapı menteşeleri, ambar kapakları, tekstil makinaları (dikiş iğneleri dahil), konveyörlerde, motor yataklarında ve bunun gibi silikon kullanmaya uygun tüm yüzeylerde kullanılır.


Fren sistemlerinde yer alan kaliper ve balatalar, diskler, mengeneler, yaylar ve debriyaj parçalarını temizler. Tutma özelliğini artırır.

Contact Circuit Cleaning Spray

It is specially formulated to clean parts of electronic and electrical circuit elements, electrical panels, and all other electrical appliances. It can be used safely in electronic connections, plugs, voltage regulators, current regulators, telephone equipment, remote control devices, spark plugs, voltmeters, panels and electronic circuits of machines. It is non-corrosive, cleans the surface it is used on, removes contacts and evaporates quickly without leaving any residue after cleaning. It adheres to wet and dry surfaces, penetrates motor windings and other inaccessible points, and ensures that the material is cleaned and protected without being disassembled.

Brake Pad & General Parts Cleaning
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It cleans the caliper, pads, discs, vices, springs and clutch parts in the brake systems and increases the brake holding feature. In addition, the product contains oil etc. formed on all mechanical and sensitive parts. It gives excellent results in cleaning various dirt. Thanks to its special formula; It ensures that the grease and other oils that have formed a layer by combining with the dust are cleaned without much effort. You can use the package by turning it upside down 180°. Shake before use. Spray on the dirty parts from a distance of 20 cm and wait for it to penetrate. Dry the parts outdoors or by wiping with a dry cloth.

Repeat the process several times on heavily soiled areas. You can use it in 360°.

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