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It is a water resistant oil produced by adding special additives to mineral oils and used directly in the lubrication of concrete molds made of steel. It prevents sticking by forming a thin film layer on the mold. It should be applied on the clean surface in such a way as to form a thin film that will contact the entire mold.



It is a mold oil used for lubricating metal concrete molds and giving emulsion when mixed with water. It is applied with a brush. The mixing ratio is determined by the user. In general, it is recommended to mix 3 parts of water with 1 part of mold oil. In case of worn old molds and/or the application environment is extremely hot, it is recommended to enrich the mixture up to 2 units of water and 1 unit of mold oil. The emulsion should be prepared by diluting it enough to be used and finished within 1 hour.

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